Clean and Lubricate Rubiks Cube

How to lubricate a Rubik's Cube

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Your magic cube hast to turn fast.  But after a while this will change. Here you will learn how to lubricate your magic cube.

You need to do this right, otherwise it will have negative  effect on your cubes features. The wrong lubricant can even destroy your new Rubik’s Cube!

But no worries! You can clean and lubricate your magic cube in four easy steps.

Make your Magic Cube fast again!

1. Rubik’s Cube disassembly

First you need to rotate one layer of the cube by 45 degree. Then you can remove the edge cubes. The first cubes will be hard to remove but the rest is easy.

2. Clean the Magic Cube

Now it is possible to clean the little cubes. Just use a bit of water and a cloth. Take care that the little cubes are dry before you reassemble the Magic Cube.

3. Assemble the Magic Cube

The reassembly is easy – just make sure, that the cube is in a solved state, otherwise the Magic Cube could be unsolvable afterwords.

4. Lubricate the Rubik’s Cube

You can now use silicone lubricant to make the Magic Cube rotate smooth and fast. Just rotate a layer by 45 degree again and spray inside the cube. Don’t use too much spray, otherwise the cube will not be faster, but slower and hard to rotate instead. The following high quality spray is the best for your Magic Cube. It won’t damage the sensitive mechanism. Don’t use oil based lubricants, these will cause damage after a while!

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